ELITEX Machinery

ELITEX Machinery s.r.o. continues with its production and commercial activities in the textile-machinery production of the region, started already in 1678 when the Lamingen brothers founded a textile factory in Kdyně which is demonstrably the oldest in Bohemia.

After 1996, the company focused on the delivery of machinery and component equipment in the field of manufacturing machinery for woodworking industry, manufacturing machines producing cardboard boxes and packaging materials, machines for the production of cables, production of models and jigs, incl. tools.

A new owner, BARUCON Assets, launched a long-term programme of investments and company development in 2013. Good results and steps taken in 2014 and 2015 confirmed that this strategy is realistic and achievable for ELITEX team.

Our strategy is the production of small series of products/components, with higher added value – often dimensionally and technologically demanding machines and modules of production lines.

ELITEX Machinery, s.r.o.
Nádražní 104
345 06 Kdyně
Czech Republic


Phone: +420 379 711 111
Fax: +420 379 711 114
E-mail: elitex@elitex.cz

IČO: 49196928
DIČ: CZ49196928
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